Welcome to Vista Ridge!

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Welcome! Chances are, if you are here, you’re thinking about joining a church for a first time or visiting. You probably have a lot of questions about our beliefs and practices.

Vista Ridge is a United Methodist Church. We are connected the with global United Methodist Church, which shares certain principles among our church family throughout the world.

For more information on the United Methodist Church, please visit the umc.org website.

About United Methodist Beliefs:

  • United Methodists share basic affirmations in common with all Christian communities. More
  • John Wesley and the early Methodists emphasized Christian living, putting faith and love into action. More
  • Faith is the basic orientation and commitment of our whole being—a matter of heart and soul.  More
  • Several sources form the foundation of doctrine for United Methodists. More

For your convenience, we’ve included many answers to questions that first time or continuing visitors have about the church. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, or just visit !  We’d love to see you.

1.  How do I become a member of Vista Ridge?
Reception into a local United Methodist Church is by baptism, profession of faith in Christ, confirmation, or reception from another denomination or another United Methodist Church. Vista Ridge 101 offers an opportunity to learn more about the United Methodist Church and what it means to be a member and is offered on Sundays at 9:45 a.m. once each quarter.

2.  How do I get involved at Vista Ridge?
As you go through Vista Ridge 101, you will be provided a listing of programs, classes and volunteer service opportunities offered by the church.  During the orientation class you will also meet ministry leaders and class teachers. If you are just checking us out, you are encouraged to call the office or consult our website for current events.

3.  What is the baptismal policy of the United Methodist Church?
Persons of any age are suitable candidates for baptism. Infants and other unable to speak for themselves are presented by parents and/or sponsors. There may also be sponsors when candidates can speak for themselves. Parents or sponsors should be members of Christ’s holy church.

4.  What does United Methodism fundamentally believe about baptism?
Baptism is a sacrament. In this sacrament a person is cleansed by the Holy Spirit and becomes part of the body of Christ, the church universal. The common elements, in this case water, is used as a vehicle of divine grace. Baptism is administered by the church as the Body of Christ. It is the act of God through the grace of Jesus Christ and the work of the Holy Spirit.

5.  What is infant baptism?
Infant baptisms are generally celebrated for children two years old or younger. When a child is baptized as an infant, United Methodists understands that God claims the child with divine grace. The child can do nothing to save himself or herself, but is totally dependent on God’s grace.

Because baptism claims and enacts a covenant between parent/guardian and congregation, at least one guardian/parent should be a member of this congregation, or should have participated in an baptism orientation class. For more information about the next scheduled class, please call the church office.

6.  May we have our baby dedicated instead of baptized?
No. United Methodists understand the two services of dedication and baptism to be very different. Dedication is a human act of pledging or giving the child to God. Baptism is a divine act initiated by God, a pledge and gift that God gives to us. While baptism includes vows of dedication, it chiefly celebrates what God is doing and will do in the life of the child.

7.  May I be baptized again?
We believe baptism is an act of God, and God does it right the first time. Our side of the covenant relationship with God will need recommitment and reaffirmation, but God always remains faithful to the divine side. We believe there is no need to be baptized multiple times.

8.  How do I schedule a baptism?
Services of Baptism are almost always done in the context of regularly scheduled Sunday morning worship and may be scheduled any Sunday except for the 1st Sunday of the month in consultation with the senior pastor who may be reached at 972-315-5225, ext. 205.

9.  How do I let the church know that I have moved or had a change in personal information?
There are several ways to update your membership information. You can make changes on the attendance card that is in the bulletin each Sunday and indicate that it is a change. The card can then be placed in the offering plate. You may email the change to the office staff or you may call the church office directly at 972-315-5225.

10.  How do I schedule a wedding?
If you wish to use the church for your wedding ceremony, please contact the wedding coordinator at 972-315-5225, ext. 202. If you want a pastor to officiate, please schedule a time for consultation with them. The senior pastor can be reached at ext. 205.

11.  How does the church learn about our new baby, a hospitalization or a death in our family?
You may call the church office and inform the ministry assistant or the pastor of your specific situation, or information may be emailed to [email protected]. Upon receipt of your call or email, appropriate pastoral prayers and support will be offered.

12.  How do I reserve a room for a meeting at the church?
You can access the website at www.vrumc.org. Scroll over to the Membership tab and click on Calendar. Click on All Interest Groups to see calendar events for the whole church. Check to see what is scheduled for the date and time that you are interested in. If it is available, a room request form can be downloaded from the website or picked up at the church office. It can be turned into the church staff.

13.  What are the different ways to give at Vista Ridge?
Vista Ridge makes giving a joyful and painless experience. You can give through regular offerings, automatic bank draft, memorial gifts, pledges, gifts in honor or memory of someone, endowments, stock, or designated gifts.

14.  Who do I call if I have questions about my gifts to the church?
The church accountant can be reached at 972-315-5225, ext. 215, or email [email protected].

15.  How do I find out what the scheduled events are at Vista Ridge?
Each week the church publishes an online newsletter called The Vista that is sent via email. Please advise the church office if you want to have your name placed on the list of recipients or indicate on your worship attendance card. There also are online newsletters sent specifically about children’s ministry and youth ministry. You may also check the church calendar on the website. Click on the Calendar tab to see all scheduled events.  You may view by the week or by the month.

16. How do I submit announcements for the bulletin, web page or newsletter?
Any announcements for church publications can be emailed to [email protected] or you can call the church office at 972-315-5225. The deadline for the bulletin is Wednesday at 10 a.m.. Please call or email [email protected] for the newsletter deadline for articles. All information for the webpage is approved by the staff.

(Questions on Baptism are taken from FAQs about Baptism, Membership and Salvation by Dr. Gayle C. Felton and Peggy Sewell for the General Board of Discipleship. Some information has been edited for the website.)