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Pastor Mary Beth’s Musings

It was a tiny seed of an idea a couple of summers ago. Children’s Pastor Lisa Dominy had an idea, “What if we somehow took VBC outside the walls of our church to our neighbors?!” The seed took root this past year and thanks to the leadership and vision of the Children’s Council, the VBC Design Team, the Building Relationship with the Community Team and Lisa Dominy, we took Hero Central On Location to Central Park in Lewisville on Tuesday and Wednesday night this past week.

Mary Beth Hardesty-Crouch

We didn’t know exactly how it would all work, but we gathered under stormy skies on Tuesday night, about 20 volunteers of ALL ages and we prepped and we prayed and then we walked over to the playground and invited people to come over for hot dogs and drinks and games. It was a “light” crowd on Tuesday night, but as people were leaving at the end of the evening, several asked if we were coming back and said, “I’ll be here and I’ll bring friends!”


And they did! And even more people came! I haven’t heard an exact count, but I know that Marco’s Pizza brought over 160 slices of pizza and it was all gone by 7:00! The blow-up slide was busy for two hours. The Salvation Army gave out almost every bottle of water they brought. Every popsicle was consumed. And children laughed and played and heard about the boy who shared his lunch and fed 5,000 people and that little people can do big things with God!

To paraphrase Jim Mustain’s Facebook post, that’s what it looks like when a church loves its community well and when the people of God see themselves as missionaries where they’re already doing life!

Well done, Vista Ridge UMC!

I’m praying for you. I hope you’re praying for me!

Glory to God!
Pastor Mary Beth