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YOUth Ministry

Vista Ridge Connect (Youth Ministry)

Connect – Middle & Senior High Youth meets on Sunday evenings from 4pm to 6pm in Wesley Hall.

Our student ministry exists to reach students, to connect them in loving relationships with God and other Christians, to help them grow in their faith, to challenge all to discover servant leadership, and honor God with their life.

Confirmation Class

Confirmation is a rite of passage which is designed to help 6th and 7th graders make an informed decision to claim the name Christian as well as United Methodist. It is an opportunity for them to acknowledge their faith and relationship with God. Being true to their baptismal covenant, it is designed to be only a part of a life-long process of spiritual growth and development.

Our Confirmation porgram includes retreats to provide a concentrated time away from daily routines for learning and development. Retreats build community. They reinforce the idea that Confirmation is a special process, important enough to focus on without distractions.

Each retreat focus on core areas of the curriculum and offer opportunities for youth to experience church outside of the building. Relationships between the confirmands themselves and the other middle school youth will begin to form. All participants will develop a clearer picture of the journey on which they have embarked.

At the conclusion of the Confirmation class, all students wil be brought before the congregation and confirmed as full members of Vista Ridge and the United Methodist Church

If you have a youth that is in this age group and has not gone through confirmation, please contact the Director of Student Ministries at 972-315-5225.